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The Future was 8bit's new website! Oh look, Rod's finally setup his new website! Currently hosting via but soon to replace, here you will find the same old 'Future was 8bit' but with more postage and payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, as well as the usual Card Payments like MasterCard and Visa 😀


Around 2011/12, I wanted some SD2IEC PCB’s for a crazy C64 laptop idea I had (C64p). But at the time, most people didn’t know what an SD2IEC was, let alone sell them. Every so often one might come up on ebay. Some worked, some didn’t, some had missing parts. After buying 4 like this, I decided to get my own PCB’s made and sold the left overs from the batch on ebay. To my surprise they all sold out in a week (about 8 of them), so I thought I’d get some more PCB’s to use up the stock of transistors etc. A few months later I realised the internet liked my stuff!!.. So, over time, my bare PCB got a blue box, then a custom moulding. And some time in the middle of this ‘The Future was 8bit’ Ltd company was formed and the rest as they say is history.


So, these days, yes I still work full time but all of my spare time is TFW8b is still growing, I now have a small of a team of likeminded people helping out for the shear love of it. This means I get the chance to take the profits from one product into the next, because one thing is for sure, TFW8b (ok me) likes to make cool things of the highest standard of quality using our own money. No failed kickstarters here!

TFW8b is a VAT registered UK company. We may sell stuff on the internet/ebay, but we also pay our taxes!


Because I wanted better 8bit things.

The Future was 8bit wasn’t planned! It’s technically still my hobby!

A million years ago, I needed an SD2IEC for my C64 laptop I was making for myself. But we’re talking a long time ago, long before anyone was selling 8bit interfaces on ebay. Anywho, £90’s worth of overdraft later and much soldering, I had a few left over SD2IEC..

And the rest as they say, is history!