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divMMC Future – SD Flash card reader for Sinclair ZX Spectrums

 UPDATE 1/10/17 – Now shipping divMMC Future v1.3

The best just got better, the jumper-less divMMC Future already works with more Speccy’s than the rest, now works with even more marginal machines 😀


Ok it’s been a long time coming a few years in fact. But finally I have a divMMC good enough for me to sell to my customers.


For those of you that don’t know, divMMC (or the older divIDE) devices let you load & save .TAP images etc directly into your Speecy from SD card.

‘I’ve never been happy with these interfaces myself, I found no Enjoyment in using these at all’. So after a lot of research/redesign, huge amounts of testing and even more team work, I’m happy to announce you will soon be able to buy a reliable SD card interface for your ZX Spectrum. The divMMC Future.

Tynemouth Software divMMC Future design blog's divMMC Future (Render)'s divMMC Future (Render)

Honestly you won’t believe the amount of hours myself, Dave and Tim have put into this. It’s been a real team effort. Dave will be knocking up the world’s biggest blog on this, so I’ll let him show off all graphs and such later ;D's divMMC Future (Render)'s divMMC Future (Render)

As per usual, I’ve gone to town on this, the finished product will be exactly that.. ‘a product’ and not some crappy ‘static tastic’ bare PCB or 3d printed effort. Tooling has already begun btw.'s divMMC Future (Render)

Due to the creative way Sinclair liked to do things (badly) it’s no wonder the average divMMC isn’t a fun thing to own. You might be lucky, then again you probably won’t. I lost count of how many times I wanted to drop this idea, as if it won’t work perfectly with all ‘Speccys’ isn’t going to sell it. But after many many hours of should, might and could ‘s… we finally did it. It just bloody works. None of this, ‘oh if you’ve got an issue sausage egg and chips, you’ll need to mod this/that/the other’. No it just works with speccys, no jumpers no piddling about. It’s a Pleasure to use.

divMMC Pleasure! Get it?


Overhauled circuit design

Jumper less – It detects what host it’s plugged into

Special attention to Toastrack and Issue 4 PCB’s.

Uses a third of the power of other divMMC. Just think of the strain on your aged non-recapped Speccy. This thing will work on some really shoddy Speccys

Tested on 16/48k ZX Spectrum Issue 1 all the way to Plus 3’s

Kempston Joystick Port

Full Sized SD Card

Injection moulded case

Rainbow stripe

Stable as a rock

Buttons illuminated with LEDs to show activity

I’ve not finished testing all the Russian clones or Timex units yet..


ETA: Q1 2017 😀

Making of/prototype page coming soon


divMMC Future PCB v1.2 -

One Million divMMC Future PCBs v1.2 -

divMMC Future v1.2 PCBs

Version 1.3 of's divMMC Future PCB

Current v1.3 PCB

TFW8b's divMMC Future - Programming / Test Rig

divMMC Future Programmer/Tester without Joystick harness

divMMC Future - ZX Spectrum SD Card interface by - Looks the part doesn't it :D

How good does that look! Top button lights up when powered on.

The divMMC Future works with all 48k / 128k ZX Spectrums including the Spanish variants - TIMEX REQUIRE TWISTER ADAPTORS THO!

Perfectly at home with a Grey +2

divMMC Future - ZX Spectrum SD Card interface by

Jumper-less, improved electronics, injection moulded case, PUSH-PUSH SD socket.. And of course built in the UK

Go on then… Buy ya Speccy a divMMC Future 😀