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3D Monster Maze – PET (32K)


CAS022 – 3D Monster Maze – PET (32K) is part of TFW8b’s 499/999 Cassette & Cartridge Range.

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3D Monster Maze, the best game for the ZX81, comes to the Commodore PET.

ZX81 Version by M.E.Evans 1981, with disassembly by P.Farrow.

PET Version D.CURRAN 2021 40 Column PET or Mini PET with 32K and BASIC 4.

Roll up, roll up, see the amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex, King of the Dinosaurs in his lair. Perfectly preserved in silicon since prehistoric times, he is brought to you for your entertainment and exhilaration. If you dare to enter his lair, you do so at your own risk. The management accept no responsibility for the health and safety of the adventurer who enters his realm. The management advise that this is not a game for those of a nervous disposition. If you are in any doubt, do not load this game.

The only controls you require are:

4….turn left 8….move forward 6….turn right If you wish to turn around completely, turn to the Left (or Right) twice.

Further information is provided during the encounter. For each move scoring is as follows 5 pts-while he is tracking you. 200 pts-if you escape his lair.

Since rex is always trying to move towards his prey, a skilful adventurer can control the monsters movements to improve his score. The escape route, which is at the end of a cul-de-sac, is visible up to 5 moves away. The game ends when he catches you. if you escape a new maze is generated and your previous score carried forward.

Can you find your way through the Maze? The Exit is there somewhere, but then so is a T.Rex, and it is after you. All in 3D, you’ve never seen anything like this before!

Each game, a random maze is developed and you will be within the maze of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. You will see grey walled corridors disappearing off to your left or right. Black walls are those of the corridor down which you are passing. Those walls and corridors directly to either side of you can be seen at the edge of the display. If you are looking at a wall directly in front of you, it is grey.

Tactical Hints:

Use the information provided to estimate the whereabouts of the T. Rex. If you are told to run, do just that since you can outrun him. When Rex lies in wait, spend the time learning the maze and trying to find the exit. But beware he could be around that corner!

CAS022 – 3D Monster Maze – PET (32K) is part of TFW8b’s 499/999 Cassette Tape & Cartridge Range.

 Commodore PET 4032 or Mini PET (32K, BASIC 4). Not suitable for PET 2001 (the one with the built in datasette).

Created by Dave Curran –


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