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Crazy Blaster – C64 Cartridge

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Crazy Blaster is part of the 9.99* Ragne

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Crazy Blaster

Part of the TFW8b 999 Range of Cartridges (Gold)

You and your superior spaceship are the most important part of the Tech Wise Astro Team. Your mission is to rescue the Universe.

A bunch of poor cosmonauts are missing and you must find them all. Visit different planets. Destroy all those nasty outerspace enemies, collect all items and go back to the base.

May the rubber goddess of the deeps be with you.

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@RGMisfit – Mika Keranen

1 review for Crazy Blaster – C64 Cartridge

  1. Micheal

    Fun little space game:
    Cool platforming space game. If you like shooters and/or puzzle games you will find this fun. Has a secret shoot em up mode as well!

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