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Escape 2020 – VIC20 (UnExp)


Escape 2020 – VIC20 (UnExp) is part of TFW8b’s 499 Cassette Range. If cassettes aren’t your thing, we also have a 999 Cartridge Range 😀

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Escape 2020 – VIC20 (Un-Expanded)

It is 2020. It has been 2020 forever, it will be 2020 forever more. You must escape 2020

Collect all 44 keys from the rooms of 2020 and find the exit to escape. Your task won’t be easy.

There are monsters roaming the many rooms and they aren’t looking to be your friend. Blast them before you become their dinner. Oh, did I say they have acid for blood? Well of course they do, this is 2020 after all!!

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 Cassette colour may change

Created by HEWCO –


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