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Mars Landing – VIC20 (UnExp)


Mars Landing – VIC20 (UnExp) is part of TFW8b’s 499 Cassette Range. If cassettes aren’t your thing, we also have a 999 Cartridge Range 😀

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Mars Landing – VIC20 (Un-Expanded)

You have crash landed on the surface of Mars and your fuel pods are strewn across the martian landscape.

Help Buzz collect all the pods and return to the lander before your oxygen supply runs out.

Beware! The surface is unstable and you will fall through to your death if you walk over the same spot twice!

Mission briefing over Commander, see how many landings you can survive?

How to play

  • Use the W,S,A,D keys to move Buzz. Each step will use some oxygen so plan your route carefully.
  • Use the SPACEBAR to restart a landing if you get stuck. You only have five restarts and it will use some oxygen up.


  • Try to make the shortest journey you can.
  • Don’t touch anything and don’t go over your tracks!
  • You can pass through some alien vegetation at a cost of some oxygen.
  • You won’t be able to enter your lander unless you have collected all the fuel pods.
  • You will get a small boost of oxygen when you collect the last fuel pod.

Status panel

At the top of the screen is a status panel, this give you information on:

  • L – the landing attempt (level)
  • F – Number of fuel pods left to collect
  • R – Number of retries you have remaining
  • O – Oxygen you have remaining

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 Cassette colour may change

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