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MAXRAM+ v2 Cartridge VIC20 0k 3k 8k 16k 24k 32k 35k Ram Pack for the VIC20


The MaxRam+ is a Jumperless/Switchless RAM Cartridge for the VIC20 0-35k Ram, now includes DeadTest+

Available on back-order

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MAX RAM+ Cartridge for the Commodore VIC20

No Buttons, No switches, No Jumpers, No Roms.

Ok one rom, this updated version of our old MAXRAM includes our inhouse Deadtest+ ROM from the Penultimate+

Plug the MAXRAM+ cartridge into your VIC20 and switch on, you will see a menu in the style of the original Penultimate Cartridge. From this you can select how much RAM to add to your VIC20. The four unshifted function keys give the most popular RAM configurations.

f1 – 0K, unexpanded VIC20

f3 – 3K, 3K RAM in block 0

f5 – 8K, 8K RAM in block 1

f7 – 35K, 3K RAM in block 0, 4x8K RAM in blocks 1,2,3 and 5

The shifted function keys give a further four RAM configurations

f2 – 16K, 2x8K RAM in blocks 1 and 2

f4 – 24K, 3x8K RAM in blocks 1, 2 and 3

f6 – 27K, 3K RAM in block 0, 3x8K RAM in blocks 1,2 and 3

f8 – 32K, 4x8K RAM in blocks 1,2,3 and 5

D – Launches DEADTEST+

Deadtest+ can also be launched by holding the ‘Any-Key’ at power on.

Tynemouth Software’s blog on the creation of Deadtest+

Please note, our DeadTest carts are not MAGIC. If you bought a brroken machine on ebay, it may help you fix it. It won’t fix it for you.

For a more complete VIC20 ROM/RAM solution, check out the Penultimate+ Cartridge


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