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CAS024 – TUT TUT – (PET 32k / MiniPET) is part of TFW8b’s 499/999 Cassette & Cartridge Range.

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Tut-Tut – PET/Mini PET – 40 Column 32K

Tomb Raiding with your PET

It’s coming to the end of 1921’s digging season in Egypt. Your excavations have not gone so well this year, failing to find any trace of the legendary and as yet undiscovered Pharaoh’s tomb. Then in your final weeks, wild stories recounting the wrath of vengeful mummies strangling would-be tomb local raiders filter back to base camp.

At last some concrete leads worth looking into, and opportunities too good to pass up. Occultist tales of curses be dammed, you’re an Egyptologist and grand adventurer, such nonsense can’t possibly hurt you. Or can it?

Playing the Game

Tut-Tut is one part puzzle, two parts arcade action. The game is comprised of 28 levels, plus a hidden treasure chamber which may only be opened if you are deemed worthy.

Collect gems, amulets and bracelets for points, you’ll need 5000 before the end of “Sutekh’s Eye” (level 28) for the treasure chamber to open. Amulets and Bracelets will freeze the player or halt mummies respectively.

To complete each level the player will need to collect keys, open doors, move blocks before finding exits to lower crypt levels. Keep an eye out for the Pharaoh’s roaming guardians, they’re not the smartest of the undead but they are relentless.

Keys are:
LEFT: ‘O’ or ‘4’
RIGHT: ‘P’ or ‘6’
UP: ‘Q’ or ‘8’
DOWN ‘A’ or ‘2’

‘R’ will reset the level (at a cost).
‘W’ will pause the level so you can make a cup of tea, press any key to un-pause.

Original game created by David Stephenson 2019 – Versions for ZX Spectrum, ZX81, Jupiter Ace / Minstrel 4th available from Cronosoft

PET version by Dave Curran 2021


Commodore PET 4032 or Mini PET (32K, BASIC 4). Not suitable for PET 2001 (the one with the built in datasette).

CAS024 – TUT TUT – PET 32k / MiniPET is part of TFW8b’s 499/999 Cassette & Cartridge Range.

 Cassette colour may change

Created by Dave Curran –


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