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PenUltimate+2 Cartridge VIC20 3k 8k 16k 24k 32k 35k RAM Pack + 200 ROMS

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Penultimate+2 (2024 Edition) Cartridge VIC20 0-32k/35k RAM Expansion + 200’ish ROMS, Filebrowser, Random Game Lanucher, Programming Aids, DeadTest+, IEC Test+

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The Penultimate+ Cartridge is dead, long live the Penultimate +2 😀

Penultimate+2 Cartridge for the Commodore VIC20

Penultimate+2 Cart is the latest incarnation of THE only VIC20 RAM/ROM Cartridge you’ll ever need! So what’s the big deal? Well the PU+2 now includes even more ROMS, improved menus and tons of features. Compatible with all Commodore VIC20’s both PAL & NTSC

Compared to the Original Penultimate Cartridge, & the Penultimate+ the PU+2 brings your VIC even more.. 

0-35K Configurable RAM Expansion

Games, lots of them! The entire TFW8b VIC collection plus many more. Including some exclusives titles and classics.

With 200ish built in games listed by A-Z & Category – (SHIFT+LETTER is your friend!)

Spoilt for choice? Well let Rod’s Random ROM Runner choose a game for you!

The PU+2‘s Built in File Browser will automatically select the correct memory config when loading from SD2IEC or DISK

File Favourites gives you easy access to PRG, D64 or CRT images from your SD2IEC.

Configurable power on options – Boot to: Menu, Random, BASIC and more!

And.. Built in PU+2 Self test, DeadTest+ & IEC Test for testing your VIC.

8Bit Show any Tell: Penultimate+2 Part 1

8Bit Show any Tell: Penultimate+2 Part 2

8Bit Show any Tell: Penultimate+2 – 2024 Refresh

The PU+2 Includes the following TFW8b titles:

3D Monster Maze

Ace Invaders

Bertie The Ball

Bolder Dan

Cheese & Onion

Cheesy Trials

Colour Bricks

Danica’s Panic


Dungeon Maze



Escape 2020

Fast Boy

Future Fighter


Grand Theft Cygnus

Gridless Runner

Hot Rug

Hurry Run

Mars Landing

My Next Game

Nibbler 2


Pink Windmill Blitz

Plane Flight


Rigel Attack

Robot War



Snake Games Are The Best Games

Space Attack

Spaceship Minus One

Super Ice Hockey

Super Monza Grand Prix

Super Starship Space Attack

Tales of Sara Christina

Tut Tut

Two Sheds

Viccy Birds



(Included titles may change)

for more info:

Tynemouth Software: Penultimate +2 Cartridge

7 reviews for PenUltimate+2 Cartridge VIC20 3k 8k 16k 24k 32k 35k RAM Pack + 200 ROMS

  1. Mr Tom (PU+) – Go buy one!

    Being a proud owner of the original Penultimate cartridge, I’d thought I would treat myself to the new Penultimate + cartridge. Mine came in a deluxe two tone cartridge case (chocolate brown & radioactive yellow). When it arrived a duly gave it a quick spin on my VIC 20 (The best computer ever! #FACT), well I wasn’t disappointed. It has the same selectable memory expansion and more ROMS than you can shake a stick at, also included are some new TFW8B titles. The new super menu system is an absolute treat and has a nice vintage look to it. Overall I would highly recommend this to any VIC 20 owner.

  2. Ethical Paul (PU+) – Just buy it

    Look, it’s just great, so buy it if you have a vic-20.

    I was a little sad it doesn’t have Jupiter Lander but it’s still amazingly great. I have to go see if it has a machine language monitor—it’s so great I don’t even care, I’d buy it anyway but I hope it does.

  3. Simone (PU+) – New life for the vic

    A must have for vic20 owner
    This cartridge is very helpfull because you xan make many operation in short time from the menu

  4. eightbit (PU+) – AWESOME!

    This is everything the original should have been! I am surprised that nobody mentions the fact that using it in an NTSC machine reveals all of the titles in NTSC format. That was my main gripe with the first cart….some games were PAL. Now they all work right for us in NTSC land!

    The cart is a work of art and a must have if you own a Vic. If you haven’t purchased it already you must have your head examined!

  5. Chris (PU+) – Oh. My. God.

    There are know words for how important this cartridge is if you’re a vic-20 owner. The inbuilt games are superb, and seeing my machine have 35k of ram available gives you a full on nerdgasm!

    I was also pleasently surprised by how quickly it arrived. I’m pretty sure in was inside of 24 hours from ordering!

  6. Macacob (PU+) – Get One!

    First impression was how well this was packaged. It was litterally in a bubble envelope in a bubble envolope in a padded mailer in a padded mailer in a DHL envelope. Needless to say it arrived in pristine condition. The first thing I did was try out the deadtest and was please to see all green checkmarks. After that I tried about a bazillion games and still have more to test. This is an excellent product and well worth the money. It will bring new life to your VIC-20 and help keep it in good health with the included utilities.

  7. Eightbit (PU+) – Better than ever in 2022!

    I just ordered and received the latest model and it does not disappoint at all! This thing is a miracle for the Vic-20. Not only do you get a very sizable collection of original games, but even better you get exclusive new (and amazing I should add) TFW8B titles. And, you still get the RAM expansion, the dead test cart utility and the ability to launch an SD2IEC really easily from the cart. It also has a nice reset button that lights up.

    There is nothing else like this out there on the market. It’s really a must have if you have and love your Vic!

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