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Winter Wonder Worm – ZX Spectrum (48/128k)


Winter Wonder Worm – ZX Spectrum (48/128k) is part of TFW8b’s 699 Cassette Range. If cassettes aren’t your thing, we also have a 999 Cartridge Range 😀

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Winter Wonder Worm – ZX Spectrum (48/128k)

Steer a hungry Wonder-worm round 6 different levels eating up the yummy food that appears as you slither around!

Winter Wonder Worm features Two, yes TWO game modes!

Levels - play through 6 taxing levels eating enough food to move on to the next level. Head towards the exit once you've eaten your fill.

Challenge – how long can you survive on a single screen slowly flling up with more and more obstacles?

Both modes support 4 levels of difficulty: STATELY, BRISK, RACEY and STEADY ON! Each one requiring faster reactions and more concentration than the last.

Controls: Kempston Joystick or Keyboard (O for Left, P for Right and SPACE for Jump)

Keys redefinable from the menu.

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 Cassette colour may change

Created by Bob Fossil –


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