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C64p Userguide.. Work in progress!

22/05/15 – v1.2 updates

Stay tuned for further updates..


Ok, some basics..

On the left hand front edge of the chassis is three LED’s. These work as follows..

1st LED – Orange.. Bright = Full Charge Rate, Dim = Charge completing, Off = Not charging
2nd LED – Blue.. SD2IEC activity
3rd LED – Green.. Power on

When charging the left hand side of the touch pad area will warm up and the right hand side will warm when powered on.

The touchpad emulates a joystick in port two. It tracks movement just like the 1530 mouse.. Perfect for Arkanoid!
SD2IEC – Push Push socket – Button LEFT Reset/Root’s the SD2IEC – Button RIGHT Diskswap
v1.x Left Joystick 1 – Right Joystick 2
 v1.2 Touchpad port swapper
v1.2 Touchpad defaults to Port 2 – Indicated by LED on the right
v1.2 One press and the Touchpad swaps to Port 1 – Indicated by LED on the left
Speaker Volume – IEC/Video/Audio connector – Power connector

Optional IEC + Audio/Video out cable

C64DTV Hard Reset and battery compartment. Reset not fitted to v1.2 – Replaced with CTRL+ALT+DEL
v1.2 Improved picture quality
v1.2 Improved picture quality
When you power on the C64p you are presented with a launch menu. From here you can load a built in DTV game, CBM Filebrowser, JiffyDos or standard Basic.

Tips ‘n’ info.

Most users will opt for JiffyDos as this speeds up access to the SD2IEC considerably. C64p’s are shipped with an SD card that is configured ready to go. So all you need to do is SHIFT RUN/STOP to load the menu. On the C64p keyboard RUN/STOP is ESC. Next when you find the program you whish to load, if it’s a multi disk D64 it’s best to open the directory containing the D64’s and hit Q. This will bring you back into JiffyDos Basic. Next mount the first D64 by hitting the Diskswap button. Then just press SHIFT ESC to load.

Keyboard Twister..

Keyboard twister NG has been installed. With NG you can RESET the C64p via CTRL ALT DEL. You also get the benefit of MACRO keys.. More on that to follow.


The IEC port allows you to connect an external disk drive or printer! It will also allow you to plug in an external monitor. Attaching an external monitor will effectively half the output signal to both screens.. You will notice the screen will dim and lower the volume of the C64p. Some monitors might even go out of sync.


Screen adjustments can be applied via the infrared remote control. You’ll also need to use this to switch from 16:9 to 4:3


Do not force any of the connectors into the C64p, to begin with they will be tight. Also, as the connectors are quite big compared to the C64p itself, leverage forces could be considerable if you are ham fisted! So be careful and look after your C64p!

Dismantling.. Re-flashing

DON’T! If you ever feel the need to open the C64p JUST DON’T! If you have an issue, please contact me! Also, if you would like to install your own custom firmware, this can be done externally but it will void the warranty as it is possible to BRICK the C64DTV. Again, if this is something you want to do, please contact me first!


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