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SD2IEC PCB Ribbon Connection



SD2IEC soldering points for a C64c

From this image you should get the general idea on how to install a SD2iec into most of the Commdore computers.




SD2IEC soldering points for a 1541

Why not use a real disk drive to house your SD2IEC, you can figure out where to mount it, front or side or even via one of the vents.


Do you have the v1.2 SD2IEC and want to connect a Next Disk and Reset/Root button?




A few of you have ask me how to fit disk swap and reset buttons to the SD2IEC.

Disk swap is easy, just put a push switch over Pins one and two of the header. For reset, you should add a couple of components. You’ll need a 100nf capacitor and a 330ohm – 1k ohm resistor (1k recommended). These should be soldered as in the image above, and a tap wire needs to be taken from point shown.




The Black button is Reset, and the Red is the disk swap button.

Red connects Pins 1 and 2, and Black connects 2 and the tap from the other side of the PCB.

If the additional components are a bit much faff.. Remember, clicking the SD card in and out will take it back to its root directory.


Header pin outs

1 Disk Swap
2 Ground
3 Reserved
4 LED (Red)
5 Ground
6 LED (Green)
7 Ground
8 ID 8/9
9 Ground
10 ID 10/11

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