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SX64 – Fault “Suspect PLA: Blank screen with dark border”

Makes a change to fix one of these.. This SX64 was shipped from northen europe and is a 110v model.
SX64 lid off
Lid off before power up.. these things are stuffed full’o’wires.
What the hell is this… telephone wire to isolate the monitor? Don’t blame me!
SX64 main board
Black screen on power up, time to check out PLA/Kernel/CPU and all that. Removing this fella is a sod.
SX64 JiffyDos
I cheated a bit testing this board. I simply removed the socketed chips and tested them in my test C64 PCB. The SX64 kernel is different to the version found in a standard C64, but it will happily work in either machine. You can even use a standard C64 kernel in the SX64. But you’ll miss a few SX64 functions like booting from the internal 1541 and the funky colours!
SX64 JiffyDos
Right, time to squeeze this back in… Heatsink fitted to SID. 
SX64 Jiffydos
If ya kernel dies, fit a Jiffydos kernel. Sorry about the crappy pic
Flick a switch and it’s back to the default SX64 Kernel
SX64 Main board Jiffydos
Tight squeeze, but it’s not over yet. Fitting the Jiffydos kernel will only speed up disk drives with it’s own Jiffydos rom installed. So for an SD2IEC this is fine.. job done, but if I want the internal 1541 to run at full speed it will also need a new rom.
SX64 JiffyDos 1541
Can you see it? Jiffydos rom for the internal 1541
SX64 JiffyDos Switch
Both of these roms need to be switched, so the user can select the standard kernel/rom if requied. Double tail.. it better fit!!
SX64 Jiffdos Switch
You might have to squint, but you should be able to make out the blue switch installed on the back of the case, with the wire connecting both eproms.

 SX64 CBM Command

User asked me to create some D64’s from original disks for his new SX64-SD2IEC. JiffyDos/SD2IEC/CBMCommand makes a great combo.. You can dump a real disk to D64 in seconds. And the perfect test for an install/repair like this.

SX64 SD2IEC CBMCommand JiffyDos

These SD2IEC‘s are great.. The chap that makes them is amazing.. Luckily for me, it’s me! ;D

SX64 done!

Well thats it, lid back on.. Final couple of test.. Time to ship this one home. (My damaged test keyboard BTW)

SX64 Packed and ready to be collected

This took some packing.. And cost a few but not too excessive quids to send back  

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