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Composite Video Mod v2.1 – Atari 2600/7800 x2


2 x Atari Composite Video Mod (Two PCB’s)

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Atari Composite Video Mod v2.1 x2

Works with PAL and NTSC 2600/7800 etc

No more crappy RF signal to deal with

Simple to install, but does require soldering skills

This tiny little PCB can be installed inside old RF modulator boxes, ensuring machines like the ZX Spectrum look completely original.

The cabled version of this Composite Mod, the Deluxe Composite Mod can be found here

#TOPTIP If you are unsure how to install the composite mods, PLEASE email pics of your PCB BEFORE modification.

Please see the DELUXE listing for a more complete set of install images.

The info in the links below may be a little out of date.

2600 (4 switch) PAL/NTSC

2600 (6 Switch) PAL

2600jr PAL/NTSC

7800 PAL

Sinclair ZX81

World of Jani Philips P2000T Install

World of Jani – Philips Videopac G7000 Install

TFW8b Composite Video Mod PCB


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