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Kung Fu Flash – C64 (5 LED Version)


Kung Fu Flash – C64 – PAL & NTSC – Micro SD Card Included
Includes FLUSH FIT USB Port & 5 LED’s back-lighting the buttons



Kung Fu Flash

Developed by – Kim Jørgensen

The Kung Fu Flash is a multi format C64/C128 Cartridge “That packs a punch”.

“Kung Fu Flash can emulate different cartridge types, load PRG files and use D64 disk images. Just place your desired CRT, PRG or D64 files on a FAT formatted microSD card and use the built-in launcher to execute them”

Just copy your CRT, PRG or Dxx images onto a FAT formatted Micro SD and you are ready to go.

Firmware upgradable via SD Card – Shipping with v1.41 or higher preinstalled.

Built to the usual tfw8b high standards with the obligatory gold edge connector and since v1.1, all buttons are illuminated (with 5 LED’s no less!). All this served in our own injection moulded case.. Well, TFW8b doesn’t ‘do’ 3d prints.. but you all know that!

Supported File Formats: Disk image (D64, D71, D81), Program (PRG, P00), Firmware update (UPD) – Available via Kim Jørgensen’s GIT

Supported Cartridges Formats: Cartridge (CRT), Standard CBM cartridge (8k, 16k, Ultimax), Action Replay v4.x/v5/v6, KCS Power Cartridge, Final Cartridge III(+), Simons’ BASIC, Fun Play, Power Play, Ocean type 1, Epyx Fastload, C64 Game System (C64GS), System 3, Dinamic, Zaxxon, Super Zaxxon, Magic Desk, Domark, HES, Super Snapshot v5, Comal-80, EasyFlash,

PLEASE NOTE:  Kung Fu Flash does not support disk-swapping. (At time of writing, feel free to bleat at me via twitter or support@ if this is now wrong) – Firmware can be re-flashed in a a jiffy via SD Card or via it’s FLUSH FIT USB port using the corresponding software.

Video contains some mild swearing. #oops

Shipping now

May contain jelly

This product is based on Kim Jørgensen‘s fantastic work. 


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