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SD2IEC+ (Beige ideal for yellowed Breadbins)


Deluxe SD2IEC+ 1541 Floppy Drive Emulation for Commodore Computers, Cased with Diskswap,Reset/Root buttons. Beige C64 style with logo. Improved case design, simply the best quality SD2IEC EVER!. Looks good with yellowed C64’s

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SD2IEC+ 1541 Disk Emulation With DiskSwap and Reset/Root buttons.


NEW IMPROVED Custom moulded high quality Beige C64’ish style case with logo!

Supports JiffyDos, Geos, Final Cartridge III, Exos, TurboDisk, Epyx FastLoad, Speeddisk and Dreamload Fastloaders.

Compatible with D64,D71,D81,M2I and PRG file formats

LOAD and SAVE files the same you would with a real disk drive

Defaulted to drive 8. EG.. LOAD”$”,8 – Drive ID can be changed via BASIC

User guide included

*New* v5 PCB with Atmega 1284p

Bootloader & Latest firmware pre-installed

Firmware upgradable via SDcard – sw2-m1284p

Case colour is BEIGE and the same SD2IEC is pictired in both images. It’s not a perfect match it’s beige (looks good with aged/yellowed C64’s) but it is in keeping with the C64 and peripherals. Sparked finished polycarbonate. Reset/Root button resets the SD2IEC and not the computer. Status LED’s visible via buttons.

Need some files to get yourself going? Download the Lite SD card starter pack and unpack directly to a formatted SD card

Shipping – TFW8b uses a combination of services from DHL, Royal Mail & Deutsche Post. 

Connector options:

Vic/64/128 – Flat cassette connector – Vic20/64/64c/128/128D rear cassette port

Userport Powered – Userport connector – Vic20/64/64c/SX64/128/128d/Plus4

Optional Pre-Loaded SD Card Contains our Lite-Combo pack

SD2IEC firmware is available as Gnu Public License v2
Visit and may I suggest donate to the SD2IEC firmware author/developer Ingo Korb

TFW8b SD2IEC+ firmware is currently in alpha – SD2IEC+ ship with standard SD2IEC firmware – More info soon

Additional information

Power Connector?

VIC/64/128 Cassette Port, VIC/+4/64/SX64/128/128D User Port +£5, C64 & C16/+4 Cassette Ports +£8

Pre-Loaded SD Card?

Yes +£9.99, No

C64/C128 Fastload?

Yes +£14.99, No


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