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8GB+ Preloaded SD Card


8gb+ Preloaded SD2IEC + divMMC Future compatible SD Card

300 in stock

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Preloaded SD card for use with SD2IEC & divMMC Future

Contains the file structure you need to get SD2IEC or divMMC Futures up and running

Includes all TFW8b 6.99 Titles as well as a collection of classic games

Basically, its our download pack, but unpacked correctly onto fully compatible SD cards (Not all SD Cards are the same)

Simply add your favourite files or use it as is

Genuine Branded SD cards from Kingston, Kioxia & Sandisk

(I know this listing says +8gb, but I can’t remember when I last shipped anything less than 16gb’s. Saying that, it’s not easy getting fully compatible SD cards these days, so the offer stands.. 8gb or larger) ;D


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