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Commodore Plus4 – Repair 3

Not another plus4? This plus4 needed, well the usual stuff.. a new chip, new capacitors, and a nice heat spreader..



Yet another broken plus4. Not a bad looking one this, keys aren’t showing too much yellow. And a nice little surprise, the PSU is fine!


This one is another blank screen fault. Place your bets! PLA/TED/CPU or something else? Usual quick test, what’s getting hot or not hot. CPU just a bit warm.. MMmm, looks like my scope won’t need to come out to play today.


Too easy, just a simple CPU swap needed, if I have to fix another one of these, please can it be very very broken. Heatsinks, new caps. Job done. 


You’ve gotta love the plus4, not just for it’s flaky quality, or it’s lack of sprites. Or even the fact that 99% of the games are built to run on the C16 so only use a smidge of its memory, but the fact that it’s palate is all blues with a brownish red or two. Nice!


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