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Commodore PET ROM/RAM


Commodore PET ROM RAM – Use it to repair / upgrade your Commodore PET

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Commodore PET ROM/RAM

Upgrade or replace your ROM and/or RAM in your PET

If your PET has a ROM or RAM fault. You can also use the ROM/RAM board as the easiest way to get your PET running. It’ not just for upgrades!

Simply plug it in and your PET will no longer use your original motherboards chips… saves you having to get your soldering iron out. 😀

To use, remove your 6502 from its socket and install in the ROM/RAM board. Then simply plug the ROM/RAM into the PET’s CPU socket.

ROMS Pre-Installed 2001/2001N/3032/4032/8032 + 32k RAM

** Does not repair/replace Video RAM or Character ROM **

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