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MiniPET 40/80 – Commodore PET Compatible Computer (BUILT KIT)


Good news MiniPET 40/80 Standalone Computer is back! But these are the very last of the remaining stock – All hand assembled by Mr Tynemouth himself!

SD2PET & Game Pack are optional. (SD2PET SD Card Disk emulation – Game Pack included 3 games & Joystick interface)

Shipping in 1-4 weeks – ORDER NOW!

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The Mini PET 40/80 is a 6502 based 8 bit single board computer with built in keyboard. Just add a suitable TV or monitor (details below)

• 32K RAM, 2K Video RAM, 28K ROM (1 of 8 ROM sets)
• 1MHz 6502 Processor
• Commodore PET compatible
• 40 column or 80 column, 25 row monochrome video supporting various video outputs
o Composite video (PAL / NTSC) via RCA Phono jack (yellow AV plug)
o RGBI / CGA / MDA / Hercules via 9 way D
o PET 9” and 12” internal monitors
• All new, 0.1” pitch all through hole parts
• Real hardware with WDC modern equivalents of the 6502, 6520 and 6522 chips
• Microcontroller based CRT controller
• Built in keyboard with 77 Omron tactile switches
o Styled to match PET 2001 chiclet keyboard
o Compatible with Normal / Graphics keyboard
o Power, Reset, NMI and 40/80 column switches
• Spiral bound collector’s edition assembly manual
o Technical manual with full schematics available to download
• 4 Rear edge connector IO ports
o IEEE-488 (high speed parallel bus for SD2PET or other disk drives and printers)
o Userport (Commodore PET pinout, not VIC20/C64 compatible)
o 2x Datasette port (For SD2PET power, C2N, 1530, PET/VIC20/C64 compatible)
• Multiple ROM Options
o Custom Mini PET BASIC
o Commodore BASIC 1,2,4
o Built In File Browser (SD2PET & IEEE Drives)
o Built in self diagnostics
• Piezo sounder
• Perspex kit with baseplate, transparent top cover and all fixings
• Jumperless design, controlled by keyboard and DIP switches
• Single 9V DC supply with soft power on
o 9V DC power supply included (100-240V)
• Contains no green jelly

This is NOT a self-assembly kit, NO experience is required – We’ve built it for you!

Optional Game Pack includes the following titles
• 3D Monster Maze (the best game for the ZX81 comes to the PET)
• Cheese and Chive (the best game for the VIC20 comes to the PET)
• TUT-TUT (the other best game for the ZX81 comes to the PET)

We have an review! Check out ‘ZX81 Keyboard Adventure’s’ MiniPET 40/80 Build and review here.

A version of the Mini PET 40/80(D) specifically designed for installation inside a Commodore PET will be available shortly – You’ll find the MiniPET 40/80D here. This is a drop in replacement for a faulty board, an upgrade to an earlier unit, or a daily driver while the original board is preserved in working order.

*** Below you’ll find videos for the previous version of the MiniPET ***

Me building the previous MiniPet Jul 2020

8Bit Guy Checking out another MiniPET back in 2020

And Mr Look Mum No Computer doing what he does best 😀

Additional information

Add SD2PET / Pre-Loaded SD Card?


Add Game Pack?



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