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Minstrel 4D (Turbo) – Jupiter Ace compatible computer kit


The Minstrel 4th is back this time sporting a big D (disk drive), Serial, RC2014 Slots with MiniPET 40/80 Style Keyboard. 😀


Minstrel 4D – The Turbocharged Jupiter Ace compatible self assembly computer kit

The Minstrel 4D is an updated version of the Minstrel 4th.

The 4D includes a deluxe MiniPET 4080 style keyboard,  SD card interface, Joystick port , Serial Interface, & 4 RC2014 expansion bus slots.


Jumper-less by design and includes a Turbo button to change between normal and double speed on the fly.
Load and Save using SD card, uses standard LOAD and SAVE words. (.tap .fs .txt)
Improved loading from cassette with selectable voltage threshold from 0.5V to 2.5V to suit a wide range of sources.
6 pin serial interface for 5V FTDI style USB serial interface for typing over serial for loading .tap files via XModem.
Requires 9V center negative DC PSU
Soft power function
9 way D joystick port for Atari / Commodore style joysticks. Compatible with the Boldfield Joystick interface and supported in several of their games.
Built in new version of Tut-Tut by George Beckett(from an original game by David Stephenson) now with joystick support.
PAL / NTSC composite video output.
** Turbo button, did I mention the Turbo button? It has a Turbo button, with a green?? LED and everything. **

Perspex and PCB shown in the video above are production prototypes. Final PCB has minor improvements. And the Perspex will also fit in real life ;D

The Minstrel 4D is a Jupiter Ace compatible computer made with modern parts and able to run Jupiter Ace software and Forth programs.

This is a single board computer designed for standalone use, it will not fit into a ZX81/ZX80 or Jupiter case.

The Minstrel 4D is ‘designed for RC2014’ and can be expanded via 4 RC2014 bus connectors, to make use of all sorts of existing expansion cards. (not included)

Tynemouth Software Blog – Minstrel 4D

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