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SD2BBC BBC Micro SPI SD Card Interface


SD2BBC – SD Card interface for BBC B / BBC Master and Master Compact
Updated connectors and now Includes FREE SD-MMC Card – Now shipping in a lighter coloured case

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Update – New connector design + Free SD-MMC Card

There are other SD card interfaces for the BBC micro, but this is a TFW8b one. You know it will be well designed, neatly presented and professionally built and tested. No bare PCBs here, the drive is encased in a custom injection moulded case with a 40 cm (Approx.) lead to connect to your computer. There is proper power supply regulation and level shifting to protect your BBC userport and work with a wide variety of SD card. This will work with the BBC model B, B+ and the BBC Master 128K. There is also a version for the BBC Master Compact which plugs into the joystick port on the back of the Compact keyboard.

SD2BBC is supplied with a ROM containing Smart SPI Version 0.90 by Duikkie, but should work with other BBC SD and MMC card ROMs such as MMFS

Shipping – TFW8b uses a combination of services from DHL, Royal Mail & Deutsche Post.

Additional information

SD2BBC Connector Options

BBC / BBC Master, BBC Master Compact, BBC / BBC Master & BBC Master Compact


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