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USERPORT Saver – SD2IEC Power Adaptor


Keep your Cassette and Userport free with this adaptor – includes 5v DC Voltage Monitor

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USERPORT Saver – SD2IEC Power Adaptor v2

Keep your USERPORT and Cassette free with this adaptor

For use with VIC20/Plus4/C64/C128/C128d – (NOT compatible with PET)

Includes space for an IDC style USERPORT header for you modders plus a 5v DC voltage monitor.

Everybody knows C64 PSU’s aren’t fantastic. The 5v monitor will put your mind at ease.

The USERPORT Saver simply passes through your USERPORT and gives you an additional 5v output for Cassette Port powered SD2IEC, leaving you cassette port for its intended purpose. 😀

Also includes a Reset button & Voltage Monitor.

Expect a 0.1 – 0.15v drop from the input of your C64/VIC etc to the USERPORT. Even though the voltage monitor should give a respectable indication of the current voltage (I’ve compared them to my Fluke meters and these displays are more than respectable), TFW8b cannot be held responsible for users duff 30 year old PSU’s. ;D


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